Sriracha Tiger Zoo

Location : Sri Racha District

Sriracha Tiger Zoo Sriracha Tiger Zoo located in Sri Racha, a city in the Chonburi Province. The zoo have more than 400 Royal Bengal tigers, around 10,000 crocodiles and various kinds of animals in the natural atmosphere, but it also offers you many amusing activities and amazing shows.


How to get there

The zoo is located 2 km off Highway No. 7 (Bangkok – Pattaya Mortorway). Only 30 minutes drive from Pattaya, you will discover the unique tiger zoo of the region.

Opening Hours Daily from 08:00 am. – 06:00 pm.

Khao Kheow Open Zoo

Location : Sri Racha District

Khao Kheow Open Zoo The zoo has been connected with Thai people for more than 60 years. Although different in the past, there has been an increase in the number of zoos in the country. The presentation of the service is mixed with knowledge, technologies and many different sciences; this has led to the zoos being more useful than before.


Integration and development in the future is linked directly with customer numbers. The beautiful and pleasant environment, coupled with a variety of animals result in the perfect zoo, providing an excellent place to learn about nature and wildlife. It takes the whole day to enjoy a zoo, when people come and visit zoos they feel satisfied and like to spend a lot of time there, often visiting again many times in their lifetime. Nowadays every service is an important mechanism that supports each other. It means that the zoo develops with a solid foundation.

Opening Hours Daily from 08:00 am. – 06:00 pm.

Go-Karts at Easy Kart

Location : Bali Hai Pier Branch, South Pattaya

Go-Karts at Easy Kart Go-karting is an open-wheel motor sport. It is a smaller scale of car-racing and considered a first step to serious motor car racing. The kart has simple, small four-wheels with kart or gearbox. The circuits are scaled-down from motor-racing circuits. The track or speedway is normally asphalt, clay oval track with sharp and wide corners. Pattaya caters speed-lovers at all ages.

Pattaya Floating Market

Location : Nong Prue District

Pattaya Floating MarketPattaya Floating Market covered an approximately area of 100,000 square meters, it’s present Cultures and traditions of 4 regions of Thailand – Northern, Southern, Central, and Northeasthern. How Thai people from these 4 regions live, what their main activities are, and what the main products from there are, so the floating market could indicate what Thai people in different areas live and what they earn from their ancient times.


At Pattaya Floating Market have more than 80 paddle boats are on standby to ferry visitors around the compound along many Thai style teak wood buildings, linked by a network of canals, bridges and a number of different sized islands with exotic plants and trees.The boat trip will slowly expose the richness of the surrounding architectural and cultural river side living. Water vendors moving with their paddle boats from dock to dock and offering their unique range of freshly cooked delicious traditional Thai dishes.


More than 110 boutique-shops presenting wooden hand carvings, silks and cloth weaving, special Thai herbs and herbal products, many OTOP products and other native items from all over Thailand. The Nueng Siam Woodcarving Museum has on display rare pieces of crafted 200 years old teak and is home for the impressive and beautiful carved image of the elephant god Ganesha.


How to get there :

There are also buses available for visitors to go Pattaya Floating Market. However, there are only 5 times a day (every 2 hours). For taking a bus to the floating market, this could be the cheapest choice for visitors, approximately 20 baht, but visitors might need to check the time table of the beach bus services in order to know what time the bus will arrive at their closest bus stop. In the case that visitors are impatient, they can also go to the Floating Market by metered taxi or Song Thaew, but they need to pay higher.

Mimosa Pattaya – The City of Love

Location : Sattahip District

Mimosa Pattaya – The City of LoveMimosa Pattaya is a community lifestyle mall among romantic atmosphere of French architecture which located on Sukhumvit Road in Pattaya near the Ambassador City Hotel in Jomtien, actually it is located right on the other side of Sukhumvit Road seen from Ambassador City Hotel. The guests staying at this hotel are mainly Russians and they will most likely visit this new mall. You will be able to find the old Europe right here in Pattaya. It looks like it will be a copy of some european cities from around the 15th century. There will be a car park with parking place for more than 1000 cars.


Mimosa Pattaya is certainly a great idea and will undoubtedly become a major tourist attraction. Supposedly there will be more than 300 shops. Certainly this would be the right place for hotels or guesthouses and a european bakery would fit nicely in here. If the Chinese, Indian or other asian tourists would like to see a part of the old Europe they just need to visit Pattaya – a city that apparently has it all!


How to get there :

Mimosa Pattaya is located opposite to Ambassador City Jomtien. Those who drive from Pattaya can drive there via Sukhumvit Road. On the other hand, those who do not have a private car can go to Mimosa by White Songthaew, which is able to take at Sukhumvit Road in the city (by the way to Sattahip).

Pattaya Elephant Village

Location : Nong Prue District

Pattaya Elephant VillagePattaya Elephant Village was opened in 1973 as a sanctuary for former working elephants. These elephants, through reasons of injury or ill health, can no longer be used as a part of the backbone of heavy work in the jungles of Thailand. Also because of their diminishing habitat, it is now longer possible to return them to the wild.


The Elephant Village provides then magnificent creatures with a safe haven, where they may live out their lives with dignity and freedom from fear. A visit to the Elephant Village is not only unique experience, but it is also a lifesaver because the fees paid by our visitors contribute to, the very survival of the elephants, both now and in the future.


How to get there :

Located on Phonpraphanimit Road, which is off of Highway No.3 at Km. 145.

Pattaya Underwater World

Location : Nongprue District

Pattaya Underwater WorldUnderwater World Pattaya was officially opened on 4th July 2003 and is the first modern aquarium in Thailand. It features a 100-metre long underwater tunnel with a capacity of 3.8 million litres of water, which showcases an impressive diversity of 5,000 fishes from 500 species from Thailand and around this region. Besides opening visitors eyes to the brilliance and diversity of undersea life, Underwater World Pattaya also plays an important role in education and marine conservation. School visits are actively supported, and new educational programs are constantly being developed.


How to get there :

Located just 200 meters south of Tesco Lotus in South Pattaya.

Mini Siam

Location : Sukhumvit Rd., North Pattaya

Mini SiamMini Siam is a wonderland of miniature replicas of such outstanding architectural works as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Democracy Monument, the Bridge over the River Kwai, Prasat Hin Phimai, etc. Replicas of places of world significance are also displayed in the miniworld area. These include the Tower Bridge, Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and Trevi Fountain.


How to get there :

  1. By Car – located at Km. 143 on Highway no.3 (Sukhumvit Rd.) pass Naklua Market around 500 metre
  2. By Bus – take bus from Bangkok at Century the Movie Plaza, Victory Monument

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden Pattaya

Location : Sattahip District


Nong Nooch is world renowned for its impressive Elephant and Thai Cultural Shows, along with what is largely considered the biggest and most beautiful botanical garden in Southeast Asia.

The garden is constantly developing and evolving, creating new interests for our loyal members and returning guests. Nong Nooch garden is also dedicated to education, preservation and research as well as the conservation of the worlds LARGEST palm collection, the largest variety of Orchids in Thailand and other tropical flora and fauna.

Spend a weekend with the family at our lakeside resort, with complimentary entry. Dine at a variety of our restaurants catering for all cuisine choices or enjoy our cafes; all for your convenience.

Come and visit us at Nong Nooch Garden, it’s an experience you’ll never forget.

How to get there :
It is located 18 km from the entrance to South Pattaya, turn left from Sukhumvit Rd. at km 163 marker, continue about 3.5 km.